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When to Quit Reading

This was one of my last posts on the Facebook. I’m stalling out on finishing Dune. But I feel pressure to read it because I write Scifi. It gets better, right guys? ‪#‎amreading‬ ‪#‎classics‬ It got a divided reaction. Half the people … Continue reading

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It’s time for me to set up a Facebook page.  I think that the people who are friends with me on Facebook but have no interest in reading or what’s going on with my writing career are getting tired of … Continue reading

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Facebook: Couple Profile Pictures

Facebook couple profile pictures.  In short: don’t do it. Here are the current profile pictures of my sister and her husband. The one on the left is my brother-in-law’s and the one on the right is my sister’s. The picture … Continue reading

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You Twit Face

I do not get Twitter. Or at least I didn’t get it until very recently.  First of all I have almost no friends on Twitter.  I’m talking flesh and blood friends not Facebook friends who are potential catfish.  The flash … Continue reading

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SBS Winter Predictions

It snowed recently.  I knew it snowed because half of my friends facebook status’ were about how it had snowed (“What the Effffff!”  “I don’t want Summer to be over.”  “Looks like winter is here” “Welcome to Alberta!” “White cold … Continue reading

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Catfish (Green)

I give this movie the (Green) light. Catfish is a really weird name for this really weird movie.  It doesn’t fit at all until almost the very last scene.  A more appropriate movie title would have been The Real Facebook … Continue reading

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