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Unsolicited Writing Tip: Delete Your First Chapter

It’s all in the title. Just go do it. Find someone you trust who hasn’t read your book yet and give them a copy that does not include the first chapter and see what they say. There’s a strong possibility … Continue reading

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Hard Truths About Self Publishing: You Didn’t Edit Enough

There’s a switch that turns on when people are reviewing self published books. If they see even one grammatical or formatting mistake they will make sure they mention it in the review. “Good book. Could have used a good thorough … Continue reading

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Writing Goals 2016

I have two writing goals this year. Make a profit on The Ronos Trilogy. Finish the next book and get it ready to shop around. Easy enough. It’s only two things. I have all year to do only two things. No big … Continue reading

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Book 3 Contest

Book 3 of the Ronos Trilogy will be coming out later this year. The exact date is not known yet but there is a way for you to get it before anyone else. The very first copy of book 3 … Continue reading

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Your Plot in 140 Characters

Have you seen this slide show of all the Pixar movies being summed up in 140 characters? It’s awesome. My two favourites are the one for Toy Story—A cowboy toy and an astronaut toy must overcome their differences to find … Continue reading

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New Writing Goals

I took some time off from being serious about writing. Mostly because I was not in the mental state to day dream about Mac and Lynn fighting an invading alien fleet. It’s been over six months. Time to get back to … Continue reading

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The Year of Science Fiction

It’s been a good year for movies—better than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be the year of lulls before the awesomeness of next year, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode … Continue reading

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