Catalyst: Book 1 in the Ronos Trilogy

Cover of Catalyst: Book 1 of the Ronos Trilogy

“Catalyst is by far the best self-published book I have read. I enjoyed many hours of immersion in Mac’s struggle and came away wanting to read the rest of The Ronos Trilogy.”
Joshua Spotts from Goodreads.

The city of Northgate has just been attacked by aliens, and Mac Narrad’s family is right in the middle of it. Searching through the rubble to find them, Mac discovers an awful truth.

The alien attack was fake. Orchestrated by the earth military that Mac is a part of. Now he must search the galaxy for answers. His quest leads him to the mysterious planet of Ronos. A secret planet hidden by Earth’s military. A planet full of life, beauty, and a potential that could alter everything. There Mac finds answers that will change himself and the rest of humanity forever…

Catalyst: Book 1 of the Ronos Trilogy is out and ready for you to read. Here are some sites where you can buy it.



Barnes and Noble


Chapter 1: Never Been Happier
This chapter introduces the protagonist Mac Narrad and his family while also revealing the main conflict that drives him to do the things that he does. Enjoy.

Click to read Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Flame
This chapter will satisfy your need for city sized destruction.

Click to read Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Front Line Interrogation Tactics
Hey look! Three new characters vital to the story. Too bad most of them just cause trouble for Mac Narrad and his search for his family.

Click to read Chapter 3

About the Author

Tyler Rudd Hall is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and grew up in Rural Alberta in the small farming community of Rosemary Alberta. There wasn’t a lot to do there so he had to keep himself occupied with his imagination and VHS copies of Star Wars. After graduating from Rosemary High School he found himself in Edmonton Alberta and enrolled in the Professional Writing program at MacEwan University. While there he met his beautiful and talented wife.

After graduating he continued to work part-time instead of finding a real job and wrote novels in his free time. He wrote the first draft of Catalyst for NaNoWriMo 2010. When he finished he started rewriting but found that he couldn’t do it because he needed to know what happened in the rest of the trilogy first. So he put aside Catalyst for a few months and wrote first drafts of book two and three of The Ronos Trilogy. Once all the major mysteries were solved he knew what needed to be rewritten in Catalyst and went back to work on it.

Once he edited it several times he printed out a copy and put it in a binder with a red pen. Then he passed it to a group of intelligent readers who read it with a very critical eye. They marked everything that didn’t make sense, all the plot holes, all the missed opportunities, all the inconsistencies, all the lame jokes, and a ton of spelling errors and then gave it back.

Tyler Rudd Hall spent time making all the corrections they had given him. When that was done he contacted a talented local editor named Rhonda Skinner of Words Nest and hired her to give Catalyst a professional Edit. Once he had her notes he started making all the final changes. Without Rhonda, Catalyst would have been a hard book to read. Any mistakes you do see in the book are there because Tyler hit the wrong key when making the corrections not because Rhonda didn’t see them.

While the book was being edited Tyler also hired a professional designer to come up with the cover. The designer came up with two brilliant covers and choosing between the two was a long and difficult choice. Catalyst’s cover is its best selling point. Everyone who sees it loves it.

Catalyst Blog Posts
If you are curious about what’s going on you can read more about Catalyst: Book 1 of the Ronos Trilogy in these links.


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