My name is Tyler Rudd Hall. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I grew up in the small farming community of Rosemary Alberta. Because of this I had to use my imagination and VHS copies of Star Wars to keep myself entertained. After graduating from Rosemary High School I went into the Professional Writing program at McEwan University in Edmonton Alberta. There I met my beautiful and talented wife who was enrolled in the same program. We are both recent graduates and pursuing our professional writing goals in Edmonton.

Twitter: @tylerruddhall

Website: http://www.chortleatmygirth.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/author.tyler.rudd.hall

Email is tyler(dot)rudd(dot)hall(at)gmail(dot)com


12 Responses to About

  1. Nicole Bross says:

    Nice to find a fellow Albertan writer! Best of luck with your book 🙂

  2. nettrobbens says:

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. Good luck with your writing!


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  4. Good luck with your writing, Tyler! I love your style 🙂

  5. Clive Viagas says:

    When will Beacon be available for the kindle?.

  6. JamieG says:


    I checked out your book and liked its synopsis very much. If you are interested in some real and affordable promotion for your book, please email me at fatlossplrryo2e AT gmail.com for samples and screenshots.

  7. HiHiHiHiHi9 says:

    i know your sister Carolyn’s boyfriend Curtis’s, daughter meegan

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