Weekly Writing Update May 30, 2018

Last Weeks Writing Goals:
The Next Oracle: Work on showing character through dialog in Chapter 2. (If time permits look at chapter formatting in part 2) Not completed
The Talking Stone: Meet my daily word count goals. Introduce Loma, the real protagonist of the story. Completed!
The Ronos Trilogy: Figure out what to do for the cover of the ebook compilation. Write CTA’s. Write or edit a King Wakefield short story. Half Completed.

This Week:
The Next Oracle

I got some more feedback that requires some rewrites. The reader asked some important questions that I didn’t really have the answer to so I need to rewrite for clarity. For me, that usually means I delete a chunk and try again but with less words. This is good for my overall goal for the story because I was looking for a smaller word count, as well as more wiggle room to flesh out one of the characters.

Honest feedback, especially negative feedback and criticisms, is the best thing for me to hear while I am in rewrite mode. Especially since if I get frustrated I can just switch to my other manuscript.

The Talking Stone

I’m over 70,00 words! Huzzah. I’m getting into part two, which involves a lot of world building and introducing the most important characters. This means more words than I had planned. My goal for the first draft had been 100,000 initially but I have since upped it to 120,000 and hope to be done this draft by the end of summer. Sounds daunting but I have it broken down by what needs to be done each day and it’s not that bad at all. The hard part will be just trying to get everything I want in the story.

I read over parts of my Grandpa’s original manuscript again this week. It is so inspiring and took me in new directions on my rewrite. I see him in the words. It’s exciting to spend time with him again even if it is just through his work.

Last week I didn’t give an update. I’m sure you noticed. I was on vacation and didn’t make time for a writing update. My vacation time also interfered with me meeting my goals. I’m going to try and get back on track this week.

This Weeks Writing Goals:
The Next Oracle: Get in there and do something about Ava (she is the character causing me the most grief).
The Talking Stone: Meet Daily word count.
The Ronos Trilogy: Write CTA’s. Prepare short stories for email distribution.

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