Weekly Writing Update: May 16, 2018

Last Weeks Goals
The Next Oracle: Work on showing character through dialog in Chapter 1. Completed!
The Talking Stone: Get to 61,000 words by next Wednesday. Completed!
The Ronos Trilogy: Work on compiling The Ronos Trilogy into an ebook box set. Completed!

This Week
The Next Oracle

Rewriting always takes me the longest. It’s hard for me to measure my progress and it’s hard for me to just sit down and do it.

My strategy was to write all the characteristics of the main characters that I needed to remember while writing and that I needed the audience to see while reading. For Anthony, the protagonist, I have things like “doesn’t want to be abandoned or abandon anyone else,” “eager to please,” “likes attention but is afraid it will drive people away.”

So when I go over the dialog I try and put myself in his shoes. Would a person who feels these things on the inside say this line? A lot of the time the answer is no, I was just trying to move the plot along, or be funny or clever. So I rewrite it or add a scene to show Anthony’s real character.

This will be a fun exercise once I get all the other characters involved.

The Talking Stone

I met my word count.


I’m also almost at the end of the first part of the book. When I set my goal a few months ago to finish this book by the end of the summer, I figured it would be a 100K story just because of how much is going on and all the world building that needs to happen.

Well, I’m at 61K, and the story is definitely not half over.

To be fair, 20k of that is stuff I wrote for way later in the book so part 1 is only 40ish K. However, if I look over my rough outline and what my grandpa had planned out, there are 6 parts to this book, If each part is 40k then this is going to be a monster 240k book. That’s pretty much the same size as the entire Ronos Trilogy.

But I’m not going to fight it.

Especially not on the first draft.

This story can be as long as it needs to be. If it ends up being that long then you guys will just have an awesome giant book to read. I also reserve the right to publish it as a two-volume epic, a trilogy, or a series if needed.

This Weeks Writing Goals
The Next Oracle: Work on showing character through dialog in Chapter 2. (If time permits look at chapter formatting in part 2)
The Talking Stone: Meet my daily word count goals. Introduce Loma, the real protagonist of the story.
The Ronos Trilogy: Figure out what to do for the cover of the ebook compilation. Write CTA’s. Write or edit a King Wakefield short story.

See you next week!




20130114-124742.jpg   Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.15.05 AM

The complete Ronos Trilogy is now available on Amazon!

Fast paced, edge of your seat excitement that has been called “by far the best self-published book I have read.”

Also, the more books I sell, the more books I am able to write.

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