Weekly Writing Update

I realized this week that there may be some people out there who assume I haven’t done any writing since Eviscerate came out a few years ago.

That’s not true.

I’m still writing.

I have two projects on the go.

The Next Oracle (Formally The Untitled Unicorn Story)
I am super excited that this story is finally out of my brain and on the page. There was a while there when I didn’t think it was ever going to happen but I finally found a way to deal with the exposition without it being a slog to read. This story is a ton of fun and is pretty close to completion.


You ready for the bad news? I’m not going to go indie on this one. Not initially at least. Once I’ve done a few more edits on this I’m going to try and go the traditional route and submit it around town, as they say.

Don’t worry when if it gets rejected I’ll throw it up on Amazon with a fancy cover and you guys can consume it there.

The Last Oracle is an awesome story that takes place in Edmonton Alberta Canada during the summer of 1987. It may or may not feature a tornado and people who can see the future. My best friend and I created it while we were working together years ago (sorry it took so long Matt!). It’s such a fun read and it’s going to open up a whole world of fun down the line.

The Talking Stone
This book is one of the coolest stories that I have ever worked on. Like The Next Oracle, this is also a collaboration. Except I’m working on this with my deceased Grandpa. (That was a weird sentence). My Grandpa Steed wrote three short books before he passed away. One of them is called The Talking Stone. It’s amazing.

Wanna hear the one line pitch for this book?

Using family history and time manipulation to fight off an alien occupation.

Dude! That is so cool. I didn’t come up with any of that. That all came from Grandpa Steed. It’s such a cool science fiction story. I love it so much.

The problem with Grandpa Steed’s version (other than it being incredibly short) is that it doesn’t have an ending. He never finished it. So I am filling in the blanks by expanding the characters, building on the themes he was already using, and crafting an ending that would make him proud.

it is so much fun to write this book.

I’m 57,000 words into the first draft and I’m already in love.

This Weeks Writing Goals
The Next Oracle: Work on showing character through dialog in Chapter 1.
The Talking Stone: Get to 61,000 words by next Wednesday.
The Ronos Trilogy: Work on compiling The Ronos Trilogy into an ebook box set.


See you next week!




20130114-124742.jpg   Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.15.05 AM

The complete Ronos Trilogy is now available on Amazon!

Fast paced, edge of your seat excitement that has been called “by far the best self-published book I have read.”

Also, the more books I sell, the more books I am able to write.

Click to start the adventure with, Catalyst.



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