Eviscerate Book Blurb

Oh hey there. I wrote a blurb for Eviscerate a month ago and just realized that I hadn’t shared it publicly yet. Here is your first look at what the plot of the final book of the trilogy is. Let me know what you think. Do you have any predictions?

Mac, after his escape from Ronos, has been left floating in space. With no options left, Lynn uses her power to travel back in time, hoping to change the past and save the future. But the only apparent change is on Ronos–once a beautiful Earth-like planet, now a glowing orb. No one knows why, and General Zinger is blaming Mac. The General wants answers, or he’ll start killing refugees from the pull.

Meanwhile, the enemy fleet is moving ever closer, going out of their way to kill as many as they can. Neither Mac nor Zinger will be able to stop them. Humanity’s only hope rests on Lynn, Ronos, and what happened beneath the glow.


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