Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 — Product Review


Look what we got for our anniversary. I’m so glad I married a geeky girl so we can get cool things like this to commemorate our love. We got the first one because they suckered us with the replica props and our very own tesseract. We liked it enough to get Phase 2.

The first go around I loved the replica props and how they were arranged by movie and made to look like they came from official SHEILD files. They would be fun to display someday. The tesseract was disappointing. Looked cheep, but it kind of lit up a bit.

For Phase 2 it was the opposite. The packaging and the infinity stone looked really cool, but the replica props were not on the same level as Phase 1. There are some cool props but I feel like there are less in Phase 2 and that they aren’t as interesting. I took pictures of everything so you can check them out for yourself at the bottom of the post.

Thor: The Dark World has some really cool pages for being one of the weakest movies of the phase. But my favourite is the one page contract that the Avengers have to sign that causes the Civil War in a couple of months.

I wonder if the packaging was determined by which movie was the most popular and got the most buzz? Everything comes in the orb from Guardians of the Galaxy instead of something from Age of Ultron which brings all these movies together—kind of. Either way the orb looks legit. It’ll go nice on our book case of geekdom.

The only complaint I have about the packaging is there is no built in place to put the replica props once they’re out of the box. I ended up putting them in the tesseract case with the Phase 1 stuff.

So should you get this? On (do not use if you can avoid it. It’s always more expensive) this is $180. There are 6 blue rays and 3d movies in here which outside the box set costs $159 (you can get them for cheaper if you don’t want 3d or special editions). So would I pay an extra $20 for the orb and other replica props?

Absolutely yes.

Our family has moved beyond getting individual movies just to watch whenever we want. The last time we bought a bunch of movies (Except for our boxing day tradition of getting a few $3 blue rays) was Phase 1. Adding the extras is almost the only thing that will get me to buy more movies. I hope others follow suit.

Maybe Star Wars will come with a replica Lightsaber!

IMAG0276 IMAG0277IMAG0274 IMAG0272 IMG_ii8vfm IMAG0261 IMAG0263 IMAG0259 IMAG0260 IMAG0278 IMAG0264 IMAG0266 IMAG0265 IMAG0269 IMAG0273 IMAG0267 IMAG0270


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