Big Hero Six

Instead of adding to all the negativity on the internet—reviews in particular—I’m going to even things out by saying what I like. Everything has something good to it. Sometimes it’s only one scene, others are bursting with awesomeness.

Here is everything I liked about Big Hero Six.

Big Hero Six Movie Poster

  • Baymax. That guy is awesome. I wanted him to be real so he could hug me when I get emotional. The movie would be nothing without him.
  • This is a funny movie. My wife said I laughed the loudest in the whole theatre when Bayamax had to deflate himself to fit in the window. It was my favourite part.
  • It’s a kids movie but there is enough there to entertain everyone. On par with new Pixar movies but no where near the classics (hurts that I have to make that distinction).
  • It’s a Marvel movie so there is a Stan Lee cameo.
  • It’s a marvel movie so there is an end credit scene. Apparently not a lot of people know about this because my group were the only people to stick around
  • The inventions were really cool—and really impossible which probably made them more interesting. I liked what the bad guy was able to do.
  • Did I mention Baymax was hilarious? Because he is, and he’s the best part of the movie.
  • I don’t know why but the fire breathing lizard costume made me laugh.
  • The climax was cool. I don’t want to go into too much detail because none of it is revealed in the trailer but everything that went happened on the other side was very interesting to me. As was all the destruction going on before that. If it would have had one more level of antagonism it would have been amazing but they way it is now is still pretty good.
  • Also—I might not have mentioned this but Baymax made this movie. He is awesome.
  • The group that comes together and becomes Big Hero Six are all entertaining. They each have special skills and cool inventions. I reverted back to my child hood and had an inner debate about which one I would like to be. There is no doubt that Adult me would be Baymax—I have the physique.
  • I think that if there are any overweight adult bald men who are not Baymax next year for Halloween then they are not making good life choices.
  • The fist bumps were fantastic.

This is a solid movie for you and your family to go see. Go see this instead of Mockingjay. Please. I’m begging you.

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