Instead of adding to all the negativity on the internet—reviews in particular—I’m going to even things out by saying what I like. Everything has something good to it. Sometimes it’s only one scene, others are bursting with awesomeness.

This is everything I liked about Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Mathew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and a special guest that will not be spoiled in this review.

interstellar Movie PosterEverything I liked about Interstellar:

  • I knew almost nothing about this movie going into other than it was about an interstellar mission to try and save the world. I didn’t know what they were saving the world from. I didn’t know where they were going. I didn’t know how they were going to get there. I didn’t know anything. When it comes to movies news and spoilers I’m a sponge, soaking it up. It’s been over a decade since I’ve gone into a big tent pole science fiction movie that I was excited to see without knowing a lot of what was going to happen.
  • Right from the beginning I knew that I was going to like this movie. The beginning filler of introducing the characters was fuelled by a ghost in the daughter books case. What? This is a space travel movie. It just made the movie more awesome and I was immediately drawn into the characters and the story. Is there really a ghost? What is it trying to say? Why?
  • Just now I realized that this is going to be a hard list to construct because I don’t want to spoil anything for you so you can go in fresh. I’ll do my best.
  • Once they get into space, from what I can understand, it sounds like the writers and director really did their research on how this might go down in real life. It reminded me of reading a Michael Crichton book. They threw a lot of facts and theories at me. I didn’t understand all of them but it was enough that I bought that what they were trying to say could actually happen and it helped me suspend my disbelief.
  • I’m no acting expert but I thought that Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway did an awesome job in this movie. There is a lot of them sitting around talking and if it were lesser actors it would have been very boring.
  • Like I said in the intro, there is a special guest actor that is pretty big and who was not involved in the promotion of this movie at all. He shows up and you go—he’s in this movie? I never knew that! The fact that they were able to keep that a secret was very impressive.
  • Relativity is cool. That’s all I can say without spoilers.
  • There are some intense moments in this movie—nothing near the levels of Gravity, didn’t have a panic attack this time—but still some very entertaining situations. I love how high the stakes are for each problem they have to overcome. Every little decision they make could possible cause the extinction of the human race. For a good portion of the movie I didn’t know whether they were going to succeed or not.
  • Those robots were awesome. They were glimpsed in the trailer but I thought they might be mechanical aliens or something but they were just helpful friendly robots.
  • The dialog between McConaughey, Hathaway, and the robots was solid. All that 90% talk made me happy—you’ll see. You’ll also get a good excuse if you can establish a specific level of honesty with you significant other. Unfortunately, I’m still happily stuck at 100% so I can’t use it.
  • There are a ton of flaws in this movie. I’m not overstating. I read an article about 15 plot holes in Interstellar and there were other ones I found that they didn’t mention. How can that be a good thing? This is a list of all the things I liked about Interstellar, right? The thing that is amazing about this movie is that it has a lot of flaws but it still entertained the crap out of me. Even when I was watching I could see the flaws but I still loved it in the moment and the movie has stuck with me all weekend. I can’t stop thinking about it.
  • There are no sex scenes in this movie, which is practically unheard of. There isn’t a random girl in her underwear scene, there isn’t any making out, there isn’t any sex talk. McConaughey doesn’t even take his shirt off—what! This feels refreshing in a world where sex is used to sell everything.
  • There is a lot of heart in this movie. The father daughter relationship is the core of the movie and the reason why it exists. It’s an awesome story and works surprising well when mixed with all the science and space.

This movie might not be for everyone—it’s three hours long so pregnant ladies should sit at the end of the row. It does have a lot of flaws that more cynical people that don’t want to sit and enjoy will be hard pressed to move past. This is not a prefect movie but its entertaining and mind bending. Some is hard to understand and the ending kind of feels like cheating (I’m going to post a blog about hokey Science Fiction endings later this week). But there is still something to be enjoy in Interstellar and it is better seen on the big screen. Plus it’s really cold outside and this is three hours spent inside in a warm theater.



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2 Responses to Interstellar

  1. My review today was similar. There were tiny plot holes, but they didn’t detract from the overall experience. My wife and I were discussing the film hours later, and that rarely happens. Thought it was incredibly ambitious, although I’ll have to mentally prepare myself to ever watch it again.

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