New Writing Goals

I took some time off from being serious about writing. Mostly because I was not in the mental state to day dream about Mac and Lynn fighting an invading alien fleet. It’s been over six months. Time to get back to real writing. That means making goals and setting deadlines.

Write two books by June 21.
One book will be Book 3 in the Ronos Trilogy.
One book will be something I will try to sell to book publishers. It will be easily marketable to middle-aged women.

I want to finish both books by June 21. But I’m not sure that means you will be able to have book 3 in your hands by then. It’s possible but it depends on how the current draft goes. The deadline for this draft of book 3 is the beginning of December.

Book 3
Whilst I was going through my life trauma I got some feedback from my first wave of test readers. It was very constructive. Unfortunately they pointed out some major flaws I didn’t pick up on that now require me to rewrite the whole thing.

Basically I’m moving a character from storyline B to story line A and changing the perspective of storyline B. So I might as well redo everything and make it awesome. Don’t worry. I’ve been pecking away at this for the last few months. No really solid writing days but a couple hundred words here and there. Right now I’m on chapter 5 and this book should have 20 chapters like Catalyst and Beacon did.

Untitled general Fiction Novel
I don’t’ want to say too much about this book yet. It revolves around a family that goes through a tragedy, doesn’t handle it well. It’ll might make you cry but it will for sure make you laugh. I don’t know how long it’s going to be —I’m doing my best to keep it around 70k. Right now I have 20k words.

I think I can easily finish the next draft of both of these books by that date. However I’m going to do my best to get book 3 published (fingers crossed/pray for me) by then and to at least have the other book out to test audiences.


20130114-124742.jpg   Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy

“The Death of Jonas Wakefield”
Available on Amazon.
Already read it? Write a review on Goodreads.

Catalyst: Book 1 in the Ronos Trilogy
Available on Amazon.
Already read it? Write a review on Goodreads.

Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy
Available on Amazon.
Already read it? Write a review on Goodreads.

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