Ronos Book 3 Update

This is kind of a bad news blog post update.

The bad news is there is a fairly good chance that book 3 of the Ronos Trilogy isn’t going to come out at the end of summer like I promised. Sorry.

There was a tragedy in my family just over a month ago and ever since I haven’t been writing as much as I should be. In fact, I find it difficult to write anything—this blog post is the most i’ve written in the last seven days.

Book 3 will still be published but at this rate it won’t be until 2015.

I have to relearn all my writing habits and learn to be creative in my own head without reliving the worst day of my life over and over again. It sucks but I still want to tell you guys stories so it’s something that I need to work through.

In the mean time you can reread Catalyst and Beacon—both are way cheeper on smashwords—or even download the short story “The Death of Jonas Wakefield.” If you’re feeling really ambitious you can write a review and send me the link. Those always make my day brighter.

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