Zero History by William Gibson

Instead of adding to all the negativity on the internet—reviews in particular—I’m going to even things out by saying what I like. Everything has a good part to it. Sometimes it’s only one scene, others are bursting with awesomeness.

Zero History is the third book in the Blue Ant trilogy. Maybe if I had read the other two books I would have liked more things about it but I didn’t even know it was part of a trilogy until I looked it up on Goodreads. It’s about…really obscure brand names clothes…maybe? Also, it’s sci-fi, for some reason.


Here is everything I liked about Zero History by William Gibson

Zero History






  • I liked the pretentious feeling I got while reading book. “I feel smarter and I have no explanation for it.”
  • I liked the cover. It’s the reason my wife bought it for me. We had never heard of the book or the author but it was in the discount pile at Chapters and we liked the cover.
  • I liked the character of Milgrim. Particularly his name but I also like that he was saved from addiction by a corporation to be made into something the company could use.
  • I like that what they needed him for was to find the source of the super secret clothing brand Gabriel Hounds.
  • I like that everyone in the book is immediately blown away by the quality and awesomeness of the Gabriel Hounds.
  • I like that I have no idea why this is sci-fi. At first I thought aliens made the Gabriel Hounds but that didn’t pan out. My guess is that William Gibson started in sci-fi and now that’s where all his books go. Like how Michael Crichton’s time traveling book featuring a 3d fax machine is in fiction not science fiction.
  • I like the first half of the book better than the second half.
  • I like that I felt like I had accomplished something when I finally finished it.
  • I like the names of the characters. Hollis, Bigend, Milgrim.
  • I like that there were almost no stakes involved but I still enjoyed myself through some of it. “What happens if we don’t find the source of the Gabriel Hounds?” Nothing. Absolutely nothing.






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