Watching You by Michael Robotham

I’m changing the way I write reviews. I’m ditching the traffic light movie reviews for something more positive. Instead of adding to all the negativity on the internet—reviews in particular—I’m going to even things out by saying what I like. Everything has a good part to it. Sometimes it’s only one scene, others are bursting with awesomeness. Here is what I thought of Watching You by Michael Robotham.



  • I liked the end, which was surprising—not the ending but that I would like it. I can see why it was forced to that location and action.
  • I liked that Malcom was real.
  • I liked what Malcom did to Owen
  • I liked the scene with Malcom, Joe, and Marnie in the bathroom.
  • I liked that I was able to figure it out before any of the characters. It made me feel smart.
  • I liked that it wasn’t a happily ever after deal.
  • I liked that Joe and Marnie didn’t end up together. Can’t he just get back with his wife already?
  • I liked seeing Ruiz again.
  • I would like to read another Malcom story but it would have to get to the point faster than this one and have less pointless sex scenes.
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