Let Me Off at the Top! By Ron Burgundy



Instead of adding to all the negativity on the internet—reviews in particular—I’m going to even things out by saying what I like. Everything has a good part to it. Sometimes it’s only one scene, others are bursting with awesomeness.


Let Me Off at the Top! is the biography of the fictional character Ron Burgundy. Will Farrell plays Ron in the movie Anchorman. Almost nothing in this book is true. If you liked the movie then you might get a few chuckles out of this read.

This is what I liked about Let Me Off at the Top! by Ron Burgundy.Let Me Off at the Top








  • I like that I watched Anchorman before I read this book. In my mind I could hear Will Farrell reading it to me. It made it easier to laugh at the jokes. DIs this book available as an Audiobook?
  • I like the picture on the cover. And some of the random pictures inside. It was awesome that for the most part they had nothing to do with anything.
  • I like that Ron endorsed his own book on the cover.
  • I like that it says it was written by Ron Burgundy as opposed to who really wrote it (Will Farrell? A team of writers?)
  • I like the name of his high school. Our Lady Queen of Chewbacca High School.
  • I liked that it wasn’t even remotely serious.
  • I liked how random it was.
  • I liked the town he grew up in and how everyone was in constant danger of bursting into flames.
  • I liked that every so often it made me laugh.
  • I liked how humorous the violence was.










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One Response to Let Me Off at the Top! By Ron Burgundy

  1. nice i think i might have to add this one to my wish list thanks for the review

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