The Death of Jonas Wakefield: The Invention of Imps

No one has ever asked what year The Ronos Trilogy takes place in. Thank goodness because I don’t really have an answer for that. I deliberately left out a date. The reason? If I said that it took place in say 2222 AD and my books were still being read in 2222 AD then my predictions of the future would look silly. Kind of like how 1985 was nothing like George Orwell predicted (Although fun fact: I was born in 1985).

You could say I was making sure my posterity would still be able to suspend their disbelief while they read my books.

No Really, When?
When didn’t matter until I started writing “The Death of Jonas Wakefield.” This short story is set in the same story world as The Ronos Trilogy but takes place years before. It would be easy for me to just write that it takes place ten years or so before but I chose to tell the story through the eyes of Reagan King and she can’t see the future so she would not be able to measure time against a future event.

I needed to establish a timeline.

Something Earth shattering happens in book 3 of The Ronos Trilogy. It’s a big enough event that I’m sure that years will start being measured from that point but that still does Reagan no good. I needed to figure out how she would measure time. What year was it to her.

According to Reagan “The Death of Jonas Wakefield” takes place in 133 AI or 133 years after the invention of Implants. The creation and use of the Implants so radically changed the way society functioned that the calendar started over with their creation. They haven’t been around for thousands of years but with how well they are working people are sure that someday they will be.

So Now we have dates to play with. “The Death of Jonas Wakefield” takes place in 133 AI. The Ronos Trilogy takes place in 147 AI.

The Death of Jonas Wakefield Cover

“The Death of Jonas Wakefield”
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Catalyst: Book 1 in the Ronos Trilogy
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Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy
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