The Death of Jonas Wakefield: Who is Reagan King?

Who is Reagan King

Reagan King is an Imp counsellor. She helps people who are struggling with addictions and disorders relating to Implants that allow them to access virtual realities. A lot of the clients she has have dabble in illegal Imp activities so her job naturally over laps with Jonas Wakefield. When she needs help she goes to him because he is the best at what he does. When he needs help he goes to her because she is one of the few people who can tolerate being around him for long periods of time.

In “The Death of Jonas Wakefield” she is approached to help a man find his wife who is lost in the Imp world. She is more than willing to help but needs the assistance of Wakefield for some of the more technical parts of logging into the right network.

Looks and Personality

Reagan is over a decade older than Wakefield. He flirts with her for fun because he knows she isn’t interested in him in the slightest. She’s not interested in anyone. Because of a tumultuous relationship in her thirties she has decided she can do more good in the world if she puts her energy into helping people instead of helping herself. As a result she is always able to see the potential in everybody but herself. She is not one to give up on her clients, at least not anymore.

Between her and Wakefield she is the one who deals with the human side of cases and he deals with the technology. She is also one of the few people that Jonas trusts with his secrets. No one else on Earth knows Wakefield the way that Reagan does. That’s not by choice. It’s just because the have worked together so often.

Reagan has had an eventful life up to and including “The Death of Jonas Wakefield.” Her ups and downs are always revolving around Wakefield and whatever case they are working on.

See how she reacts to loss in “The Death of Jonas Wakefield” by downloading the PDF Here or if you want the kindle version you can buy it for 0.99$ on Amazon.

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