The Death of Jonas Wakefield: Who is Jonas Wakefield?

Who is Jonas Wakefield?

Jonas Wakefield is an Imp detective. No, that doesn’t mean that he is a tiny police officer. Imp is short for Implants which are made up of three computer chips implanted in a persons head, one in the brain and one in each eye. It’s like having a computer in your head. A Heads-Up-Display in your eye lets you see everything going on in the Imp. Whether you just have a few windows open or whether you completely immerse yourself in a virtual reality.

Being an Imp detective means that Wakefield deals with crimes that have to do with Imps and false realities. He doesn’t work for the city police. He is more of a private detective but he is one of the best so often times the police do turn to him for answers.

In “The Death of Jonas Wakefield” the case he is working on is a missing person. An Imp detective is needed because the person missing is lost in the virtual world created by the Imp network. This kind of thing is a walk in the park for Wakefield but as you can guess from the title not everything goes as planned.

Looks and Personality
I didn’t want Wakefield to be a super genius. Mostly because as a man of mediocre intelligence I thought it would be too hard to write. But I did want him to be good at what he does. So when it comes to Imp crimes no one knows more than Wakefield. When it comes to everything else he is awkward. He doesn’t know how to play well with others. He has no close family – only a distant relative that doesn’t mean much to him – and almost no friends other than Reagan King.

Because of his social awkwardness the only reason anyone wants to talk to him is because they need help solving a crime. Wakefield is much more at home in a virtual world than in the real world. Reagan thinks he is on the verge of having a disconnection disorder, meaning that he is going to disconnect from reality and become addicted to the virtual world.

His looks in the real world are unkept and unprofessional but no one notices that because they are too busy looking at the stump he has were his right hand used to be. Robotic limb replacements are provided for free from the government but as long as anyone has known him he’s had a stump and no one knows what happened to his hand or why he doesn’t get it replaced. He enjoys making people feel awkward about. Most people have never seen a missing limb before they met him simply because robotics are so readily available.

The End of Jonas Wakefield?
This short story is called “The Death of Jonas Wakefield.” Does that mean there are no other stories to tell about him?

No. Jonas Wakefield and Reagan King have been working together for almost two decades by this point. I’ve scribbled down a bunch of their case notes and will write up more stories for you as I get time. There is a reason that I set the story near the end of their partnership but you’ll have to read it to find out why.

It has something to do with The Ronos Trilogy. You’ll have to read “The Death of Jonas Wakefield” to find out more.

The PDF is free Here or download the kindle for 0.99$.

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