This Could be You, Guys

If you read my last post then you know that you could have a character in Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy named after you. All you have to do to win is read Catalyst: Book 1 in the Ronos Trilogy and then write a review for it using the word chortle so that I know it’s for this contest. There will be two winners, one girl and one boy. I have already written about the girl character you could be named after. Now you boys get to find out about the character that may end up having the same name as you.

Right now his name is Elwood Jackson. I like this name. I have no idea why but it sounds good to me. It’s definitely better than Marian Sharp’s name. Despite my love for this name I am looking forward to seeing what his new name will be.

  • He is a Luddite.
  • He used to be married.
  • He used to be one of the disconnected.
  • His ex-wife is still disconnected and there is nothing he can do to bring her back to reality.
  • Moved to Passage after getting Imp removal surgery.
  • Because of the surgery he has bright blue eyes that contrast with his dark skin.
  • He is the mayor of Passage.
  • He has known Mac Narrad since he was a little kid.
  • Being mayor of Passage isn’t a full time job so he also runs a construction business.
  • Helped build the Narrad’s house.
  • Because of what happened to him and his wife he is overly cautious and protective of the people he cares about.
  • Takes his role as Mayor of Passage seriously and is always looking out for what is best for the small town.
  • I started writing a short story that takes place ten years before Catalyst in which he is one of the main characters. I love the story and maybe when school is done I will finish writing it. It’s one of those stories that I have to write because I want to read it so badly.
  • Makes his first appearance in chapter 8.
  • He’s not in the book as much as Marian Sharp is but he will end up getting his own short story and he still has an important role in Beacon.
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