This Could Be You, Ladies

You could have a character in Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy named after you. There will be a prize given to one girl and one boy. This is a blog post about the girl character you ladies could be named after. She’s one of my favourite new characters in the book.

Her name right now is Marian Sharp. I like the last name but I have no idea why I picked the name Marian. It’s kind of lame. I’m actually happy that her name is going to have more meaning now then some lame name I came up with that had no meaning.

If you read Catalyst: Book 1 in the Ronos Trilogy and then write a review about it, using the word chortle so that I know it’s for this contest, then Marian Sharp’s name will be changed to your name.

Only if you’re a girl. I have another character picked out for the boy contestants. Details coming soon.

Would you like to know more about the character you might be named after?

  • She is not some random girl who only appears in one chapter and has but a few lines.
  • She is a major character in a new story line. I would love to spill the details of that story line but this is a somewhat spoiler free blog post.
  • She is stationed on the front lines.
  • No one knows how old she is. She says with a smile that she is 29 but the truth is probably around 50.
  • She works in the cafeteria on the capital ship Bears Paw (By the way, if you live in Bears Paw and you win this contest you will be the worlds coolest person).
  • Everyone likes her.
  • Her genuine smile is out of place with what is happening on the front lines. Her positive attitude helps soldiers get through their day.
  • Likes her job but is eager for an adventure.
  • She is very fit for her age.
  • The only thing that gives away her age are the wrinkles on her face and hands.
  • Her hair is short and white but it’s a shade of white that makes it look like it was dyed that color to be trendy.
  • She keeps up with the other soldiers in the training rooms.
  • Her first appearance is in Chapter 7.
  • She, along with a few other soldiers, get sent on a top secret mission.
  • On this mission she discovers that she has a unique ability that is both a blessing and a curse.
  • IMG_0525
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