Another Giveaway

The second Catalyst giveaway on Goodreads ended last week. The first giveaway led to 400 or so people entering. This giveaway ended with 1084 people entering. Awesome. Also, one of the people who won is from Australia, which is cool. As far as I know that’s the first Catalyst book over there.

I think the main reason that this number is so much higher than the first one is because it was available for longer. If you look at the most requested books on Goodreads they are the ones who are up there for the longest. I wonder if you can do two giveaways at once? For sure I’m going to keep doing the monthly giveaway but maybe just to see how many requests I can get, I’ll throw one up there for half a year or something.

Does it Mean Anything?
I have no idea if these numbers are doing anything for me. Are the people who didn’t win going to go out and buy a copy of my book if they don’t win the giveaway? I don’t think they all will. Maybe one or two. Who knows. If all that happens is a few hundred people see my name, title, and book cover then it might still be worth it. The more they see me the more likely they are to buy a copy, right? I have no idea.

I also just like seeing that number go up. Even if it doesn’t mean anything for me in the long run.

Do You Want to Be a Character in My Book?
One of the purposes of this giveaway is to get reviews for the book. So when I found out the winners I emailed them and told them that when they write their review they should include the word ‘chortle’ so they can enter the contest to have a character in Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy named after them.

If you want to be a character in book two all you need to do is read Catalyst: Book 1 in the Ronos Trilogy. Then write a review for it and use the word ‘chortle’ so I know you are entering the contest. Then upload the review to Amazon or Goodreads. I will pick two reviews at random as the winners.

Tell your friends.

Several copies of Catalyst stacked on eachother and fanned out.

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