Semester 2: The Return of the Revenge of the Morning

Class Schedule
Last semester I put most of my classes in the afternoon. Then I would go to school at eight in the morning and write and do homework until my first class. It was a good time. This semester, for some reason I can’t remember, I decided to do the opposite and put all my classes in the morning. Today I’ll be done school at 12:30. I learned something about myself from these two schedules.

Morning Person…Kind Of
I wouldn’t say that I’m a happy chirpy morning person who skips to school. In fact if you see me before 10 you should just assume I don’t want to talk to you. Some would even call me owly.

However, I can get a lot of writing done in the morning. In fact, a couple years ago when I only worked two days a week and wrote the rest of the time I got the majority of my writing done before lunch. I think The Ronos Trilogy was almost all written in the morning.

So last semester really worked for me. I was able to get done what needed to be done. I thought I would be able to do the same this semester but…no. I still get some stuff done but it’s too tempting to go home and nap or watch Netflix. There’s nothing keeping me at school so why not go home? I tell my self I’m going home to write but that doesn’t last as long as it needs to.

A Reason to Stay
Now that I know not to have classes in the morning so I can write and do homework I can plan my classes for the next three years. But what about this semester? It’s too late to switch things up. I’m stuck in the schedule for three more months.

The best I can do is not go home early even though I really really want to. I have to give myself a reason to stay. That means carting around my giant binder full of Beacon: Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy rewrites. Research essays will start soon enough but until then I need to get rid of some of these tabs or you guys won’t get to find out what happens to Mac and Lynn.


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