The Title For Ronos 2

Too Early?
I thought I might be revealing the title of book two a little early but then I looked back at old post and found that I told everyone the title of Catalyst at around the same time last year. As I mentioned in another post I am tired of referring to it as the second book in The Ronos Trilogy. The one word title I’m using is going to be much faster.

Just Say What It Is
The title for the second book in The Ronos Trilogy is Beacon. Like Catalyst I went for a one word title that was relevant to the story. Unlike Catalyst the title is referring to a specific object in the book. This object, this beacon, causes Mac, Lynn, and everyone else a considerable amount of grief. The climax itself revolves around the beacon so it makes for a perfect title.

Why Beacon?
This was the hardest of the three book titles to come up with and if I’m being honest I didn’t even come up with it. This book has gone by four other titles before I got to this one but none of those titles left me totally satisfied. Except for one that is, but it’s an obscure word that you would have to look up to find out what it meant (I still used it in the book just not as the title; it’s one of my new favourite words). I had settled on what I figured was the best of the options I had come up with and gave it to my test audience to critique and give feedback. I told them I didn’t like the title a whole bunch and if they thought of something better they should let me know. Well, Uncle Bruce did think of something better and now book 2 is called Beacon.

Bacon Beacon?
Of course the main reason that I settled with Beacon is because there is a high probability that at least once in my life I will spell it wrong and put bacon instead of beacon and that makes me happy for some reason. Bacon always makes me happy.

Book 3
Now that book two officially has a title, all the books in The Ronos Trilogy have a title. Book 3 got named while I was doing the first draft. The same thing happened with Catalyst. I stress out a little about coming up with titles so now that all three are nailed down (I’ll reveal the title for book 3 this time next year) I can focus my stress on something else, probably Beacon rewrites.


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5 Responses to The Title For Ronos 2

  1. Hahaha bacon beacon = best reason ever.

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