Ronos Short Story Update

The Stories
Remember in early December when I said that I was going to write two short stories in the Ronos universe? The plan was to write them both over winter break while I was between semesters. One short story, Capilano, was going to be under 10k. The other is called Disconnect and I was planning on it being between 20 and 30k.

The Excuse
Long story short, neither of them are finished. Kind of pathetic, I know, but my mind was still in school mode, I thought I could easily do something like this in a couple weeks. Once I started working ten hours a day I realized it was impossible. After work I was too zapped (inside joke only people at the rail yard will get) to get any serious writing done. Plus, I had to get ready for Christmas and what not so writing mostly didn’t happen.

In the second week of Christmas break I took two extra days off and got a fair chunk of Disconnect finished on the first day. The second day was devoted to revising chapter one of another project to use to get me into a sweet writing workshop this summer (fingers crossed). I think in total I got 6K for Disconnect.

Revised Goals
The plan was to write a short story to give away, Capilano, and a short story to sell for cheap, Disconnect. I don’t know if I’m going to write Capilano anymore. There are way to many spoilers for Catalyst in that story and I want it to be a hook for people to read the trilogy. I’ll have to come up with a better short story to introduce people to this trilogy.

I only have the first part of Disconnect but it is already turning into something amazing. I’m so excited to finish it and let you guys read it. The two main characters are awesome and so far they are easy to write. I’m really happy with what I have for this story. I shouldn’t have dragged my feet so much and started this a long time ago.

I don’t know when I’m going to finish Disconnect. Right now I’m up to my neck in Ronos 2 rewrites and the four research essays I have this semester (research sucks. I’d rather make everything up). But I will be setting aside time each week to work on this story if for no other reason then for me to spend time with two of my new favourite characters.


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