Ronos Short Stories: Long Hand Vs. Digital

I learned something during finals. After finishing one short answer question my wrist was killing me. Almost all the writing I do now is on a keyboard so I’m not used to using a pen and paper to write for so long.

I want to change that. When I take my finals next semester I don’t my wrist to get sore after one question – that’s actually quite pathetic now that I think about it. To make me less pathetic I will start writing more with a pen on paper.

Writing with pen and paper also produces different results in the prose. On a keyboard, your fingers fly as fast as you can make them. For me it’s almost the second I think of it it’s on the page. When I write long hand there is a delay between when I think it and when it gets written down. That allows me to rethink what I’m writing as I write it. It’s like the first edit happens at the same time as the first draft. I used to do all my writing long hand but stopped because I hated typing it on the computer after I was done.

In December I am writing two short stories. The tentative titles are Capilano and Disconnected. Capilano was started a year ago and I wrote most of it at work on my iPhone. The story is about half done and I think I’ll finish the first draft the way it was started, on my phone.

With Disconnected I want to do it all long hand. I’ll build up my wrist muscles for the end of the next semester. Also by writing two completely different ways I’ll be able to compare them and hopefully learn more about how I want to write in the future. I don’t know about writing an entire book like Catalyst long hand but you never know, we’ll see how this writing experiment goes.

My plan is to get the short stories out before book two. They will serve as a bridge between one and two and also to lure more readers to the trilogy.

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2 Responses to Ronos Short Stories: Long Hand Vs. Digital

  1. I remember I used to get callouses on fingers in high school from all the long-hand writing. Ack. I’ll take a computer any day. But then, neither my job nor my hobbies require long-hand writing, whereas your schooling does. Good luck on those finals!

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