32 Things You Didn’t Know About Catalyst: Book 1 of the Ronos Trilogy


1.The first draft was 76,796 thousand words.
2.The final draft is 90, 356 words and has 316 pages.
3.The first line of the first draft was It was the morning of Mac Narrad’s third day of leave but the light was not coming from the East like it always did.
4.The first line of the final draft is Mac Narrad suspected that his mom had put all the family photos up in his sister’s house to make him feel homesick and make him regret joining Earth’s military.
5.The final line remained intact through all revisions.
6.What ended up being chapter one in the final draft didn’t exist in the first draft.
7.Written for NaNoWriMo 2010.
8.The first draft was finished on November 30, 2010.
9.Catalyst was published on August 31, 2012
10.All the ships in the Ronos Trilogy are named after communities in Edmonton. Bad things happen to Terwillegar because I didn’t like living there.
11.Tompkins, the captain of the Terwillegar, is also the name of a road in Terwillegar Towne in Edmonton.
12.Mac Narrad is a character name I’ve been using since junior high school. He was the protagonist in all my science fiction stories in junior high and high school. In every one of those he was the black sheep in his family just like he is in Catalyst.
13.All of my sisters, my mom, and my wife are mentioned in Catalyst.
14.Chapter 5 is called Magnificent Desolation which is how the surface of the moon was described by Buzz Aldrin.
15.My favorite chapter is Chapter 15 “Lynn Rock and Mac Gas.”
16.Most of the writing of Catalyst took place while I was living on a road called McAllister which is also the name of Chapter 10.
17.The final chapter is titled “There Will Be More.” It’s kind of a heads up that the story doesn’t end in the first book and you can expect more action, adventure, and awesomeness in the next two books.
18.General Zinger’s first name is not mentioned in the book.
19.Coming up with names is something I don’t like do which is why there are often characters in my stories who do not have names, such as the only man in Passage with an Imp.
20.The idea of Northgate being destroyed came from me thinking about what would happen if Edmonton exploded. My first thought was how much it would suck if my family was all up visiting my sister.
21.Like Mac I grew up in a small village on the prairies.
22.Near where I grew up there is a small creek called Matzhiwan which is also the name of the river Mac crashes his hover car in.
23.Three women in my family have the middle name Lynn.
24.Scott is the name of my brother-in-law. Lynn is his wife’s middle name.
25.Jace is the name of one my childhood friends.
26.I know more about hover cars than I do about real cars.
27.If it wasn’t for the Professional Writing Program at MacEwan University I wouldn’t have found an editor and a cover designer with the mad skills to make this book presentable.
28.The first draft of the entire trilogy was written before Catalyst was published.
29.There is more than one character in Catalyst who is pretending to be something he/she isn’t. Their true identities will be revealed in book 2.
30.I got the original inspiration for the secret planet of Ronos while I was at church. Driving and church are the most inspiring things when it comes to story ideas.
31.Rono is a word but I think the members of my family are the only people who know the definition.
32.The action that takes place on Ronos in Catalyst was first written down as a short 11k word short story for school. My teacher thought I cheated because it was so good. I convinced her I actually wrote it and she told me to turn it into a novel. That was already the plan for me.

The last fun fact is that I have a final exam today worth 30%of my mark. if I don’t do well on this test then I will be forced to rely on book sales to survive. You can pick up a copy or read the first four chapters for free through Amazon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for doing that! Now I can use it for when I do your book for our book club! It will be great.

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