5 Bands I Write To

When I say five bands I write to I do not mean write fan mail, love letters, or stalker messages. I’m talking about the music I listen to while I write. This of course doesn’t include instrumental movie soundtracks which I use the most.

1. Our Lady Peace
If you know me than you are not surprised by this. An authors favourite band is sure to inspire that author to write awesomeness. Right now as I write this I’m listening to Carnival which randomly got stuck in my head this morning so I just had to listen to it as soon as class was over.


2. The Killers
I’m not going to lie. A big reason I listen to the killers is because I think it’s awesome that Brandon Flowers is Mormon. It’s good to see that some one can be main stream, be super popular in a creative field, and not have to compromise their religious standards.

Of course I also love their music. You should all check out their new CD. This is my favourite song off of it.


3. Alex Vissia
If you haven’t heard of her before, do yourself a favour and go to iTunes right now and download her CD. Such a solid listen. Often I have to listen to this CD because I randomly get her songs stuck in my head. This is awesome music to write to.


4. Dan Mangan
I recently discovered this guy. He has more than one CD out there but I’ve only listened to the first one. When I have more cash flow I’ll get his other ones (Which reminds me, you should buy my book Catalyst).


5.Mumford and Sons
I have listened to their new CD so much since it came out. I don’t usually latch onto a CD like I have this one. The only break I take from it is to intermittently listen to the other bands on this list but most of the times it’s just the new Mumford and Sons CD. Because of them the tentative title for the story kicking around in my head right now is Hope in the Darkness (that’s not a very good title, I know. It’s just what I’m calling until I think of something better).


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2 Responses to 5 Bands I Write To

  1. Love The Killers! Didn’t know about the Mormon bit — good for him for staying true to his beliefs.

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