Your Birthday Present to Me

I almost never advertise that it’s my birthday, but this is my first birthday as a published author.

I know that some of you didn’t know it was my birthday so I’ll let it slide if you haven’t got me a present yet. But if you do want to do something for me then I have some suggestions.

If you haven’t bought my book, then as a birthday present to me you could pick up a copy.

If you have already bought my book then I would love it if you would write a review for it. I love hearing what people say about Catalyst, whether it’s good or bad.

Thanks all!

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4 Responses to Your Birthday Present to Me

  1. I popped over to Amazon to check out your book … can I ask what the rationale is behind charging $8.99 for the ebook edition? Also, happy birthday 🙂

    • I should write a blog post explaining in greater detail but the short answer is that

      1. The company I go through gives high royalties for books over $8.85

      2. Lots of self published books sell for $0.99 or $2.99 but I think my book is worth more than that.

      3. Editing costs a lot.

      I can’t cite my sources but I also read a few articles circling the interweb that said the price of an ebook didn’t determine how many copies were sold. It was a solid article that had primary research so when I do write that blog post I’ll be sure to have a link.

      Thanks for the comment

      • Interesting! I’d love to read those articles, because I’ve been reading articles that say the exact opposite, lol. At least for self-published authors, I’ve found most articles claim the lower, the better. But if your company increases royalties based on that price, then I totally get why you chose to price it that way.

        • I’ve read a lot of those as well. The article I’m thinking of was written by an author who showed his sales over the course of several months. Each month he set his book at a different price and for the most part it didn’t change. I have no idea which point of view is right (or where that article is-still looking).

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