An Honest Review

Catalyst Reviews
In short. There aren’t really any. Well, there is one but I know I’ve sold more than one book so there should be more than one review. I would love to hear what you guys thought of my book so if you have read consider this your invitation to write a review for it on Amazon or Goodreads.

Honest Reviews
If you look at any random self published or indie book on Amazon you will be able to tell instantly who wrote the reviews. If they are five star reviews and include nothing but gushing words about how amazing and life changing the prose was then it was written by the authors mother or close friend.

This is a tricky thing to explain because I want you to love my book and pump it up as much as you can but it needs to be honest and I think if you were being truthful then you would be able to find at least one thing wrong with Catalyst.

Honest reviews can be full of gushing praise for the book and one or two things that the reader would like changed for the next one. That’s still a legit review and will put me over the moon with happiness. It’s also the kind of review that other potential readers will take serious because it looks like the reviewer is being honest.

Consider this review by Joshua A. Spotts (You can check out his blog here):

Mac Narrad is just a young soldier in Earth’s Army, an army full of secrets, none of which he knows. When catastrophe strikes, Mac is determined to find out the cause and to discover the truth of the military secrets. But finding the truth, a quest that leads him to mysterious planet called Ronos, will give him a responsibility to reveal it. And chief members of the military will do anything to stop him.

Catalyst, Tyler Rudd Hall’s debut novel, is a very good work of science fiction. The immediate beginning is a little slow, but it serves well to introduce Mac and to establish the emotion behind his motivation. But past the second chapter the pace of the book really picks up.

There were very few stylistic mistakes, only some repetitive phrasing here or there. But otherwise I could not find any grammar mistakes. The characters were all beautifully fleshed out and unique. I did not connect with Mac on an emotional level, even with his family’s massacre, but I still wanted to see him succeed.

Catalyst is by far the best self-published book I have read. I enjoyed many hours of immersion in Mac’s struggle and came away wanting to read the rest of The Ronos Trilogy.

I give Catalyst five out of five stars because of its shocking quality amidst a market that, sadly, has many good books plagued by grammar errors and shallow characters.

In this review, Catalyst is called “the best self-published book I have ever read” but he also says he didn’t connect with Mac at all and there were some repetitive phrases. See how this is an extremely positive review but also an honest one?

I need more of that.

Also, it’s my birthday on Monday. For my birthday I want to sit down and read a bunch of reviews for Catalyst. So if you have read Catalyst already will you please consider writing a review for it this weekend and posting it online, either on Amazon or Goodreads?

Thanks! You guys are the best.


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