What it Looks Like When I Sign a Book

This is what it looks like when I autograph a book. Doesn’t look very good. The slant is all weird and penmanship could use a little work. But I have a good excuse.

If you notice this says “This is hard to do left-handed.” That is the truth. I wanted to write something special but I ended up writing what I was thinking about. The cover  gets in the way of the hand and pen. I didn’t want to bend the cover too much. That would be damaging it right?

Before I started I thought I could try it right-handed but it would not turn out well. Or maybe one of my things could be to sign all of my books upside down.

In the end, at least for this copy, I decided to try to persevere with signing it with my left hand.

Also, this really is the FIRST time I’ve autographed a book and Catalyst is the FIRST book I’ve published. By the time I die there could be millions of books out there with my name on it (fingers crossed). That makes Matt’s copy of Catalyst potentially very valuable. Posting a picture like this could lead to forgeries so besides what I wrote in the picture I also went through the book and underlined my favourite word. I’m not going to tell you what word it is but if I ever see someone trying to pass off their copy as the first book I ever autographed I’ll know how to tell if it’s a fake or not.

The book will be delivered on Wednesday but I’ve already started signing other people’s books. So next time we meet up make sure you have a copy of Catalyst and I’ll make sure I have a pen on me.


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2 Responses to What it Looks Like When I Sign a Book

  1. dayya says:

    Congrats on your first book! Thank you for the visit, d:)

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