NaNoWriMo Strategies: Start Early

I know I know. In my last post I said that starting early was cheating and I still stand by that. The 50k words you are doing for NaNoWriMo need to be written in November but what if your story is longer than 50k?

I know that my Untitled Unicorn Story is going to be longer than that so if I still get all my required words for NaNoWriMo then why not start my story a little early.

I’m thinking about doing this for a couple reasons. The first is that by the end of November it would be nice to have a real first draft with a beginning, middle, and end. With school that will only be possible if I start early or go late.

For this particular story the beginning is what is giving me the most trouble. I’m missing my solid inciting incident. If I can get the story going to the end of the first act or even into the second then it will be way easier to write the rest of it in November.

Also, starting early will help me me get my routine down. I’ll know how much sleep I can get while writing ambitiously and I’ll know what time of day is best for writing. Writing at the same time of day to get a consistent word count is what has helped me in the past. For example, I would wake up in the morning and make sure I got 5k done before lunch. That’s not possible with school but I could wake up at seven each day, write for half an hour and get 1k. That’s very reasonable and something I could start now. Starting early helps develop healthy writing habits.

If memory serves, I started Catalyst early. I remember one day at the end of October I wanted to see if it was possible to write 5k in one day. So I had at least that much going for me when I started NaNoWriMo 2010 and it was still a legit win.

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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo Strategies: Start Early

  1. Emily J says:

    Setting a routine is a great idea. I’ve been told that getting into the habit of writing for a set amount of time at a set time of day can really help. So far i’ve been averaging about 1k a day during my busy schedule, but i’ve been editing and rewriting, so it goes a little slower. I honestly don’t know how much i could do if i was just straight writing. Maybe i should jump to another project for a few days to test it out. 😉

    • I would say 1K a day on a busy schedule is solid. I wish I could get that more consistently. I bet you could get a ton of words if you just wrote all day. For NaNoWriMo you need between 1 and 2K. I’m going to aim for 2K in case I fall behind.

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