Catalyst to the Highest Bidder


Something awesome happened last weekend. My book was put in an auction put on by the high school I graduated from. How cool is that?

It wasn’t my idea. It was my parents, who had a book to spare because they bought two – one to read and one to smell. They were all done with the smelling and wanted to pass the awesomeness on.

I don’t know all the details of what went down at the auction. If anyone from Rosemary is reading this I would love to hear about it. In my mind I picture an old farmer who can barely be understood as the auctioneer and everyone in the room throwing their hands up to bid. That might not be how it happened. For all I know it was a silent auction.

When my parents told me what they were doing I was sure that it was going to go for under the retail price at the most tie it. Then I found out that the highest bid was $50. That blew my mind. How cool is it that someone bought my book for $50? Answer: coolest Catalysts related news since it was published.

That money goes to the school. It’s not enough to name a wing of the school after me (not that Rosemary has multiple wings) or even a room. But it should be enough to have a urinal named after me. The Tyler Rudd Hall Urinal. Someone bring it up to Mr. B.

I also think it’s really cool that the person who bought it was my old choir teacher (Not only was I in choir, I was in the select choir). Choir was one of my favourite classes in high school. I’m not just saying that because she bought my book. It’s because we got to go on field trips to the big city.

Sometimes when I’m at work in the rail yard, standing by myself out in the sun on a clear blue day I get one of the songs I learned in choir stuck in my head and I have no choice but to sing it. I still remember some of the words but lots of the time I get stuck in a loop. This is the line I sing the most: She was kissing I was wishing, didn’t know what she was about. Robbed me of my gold and silver then she kicked me threw me out.

Remember that song? Extra points if you knew that came from Rattle on the Stove Pipe Boot Jack Jaw Harp. At least I think that’s what it was called.

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2 Responses to Catalyst to the Highest Bidder

  1. So cool! Tell your parents I’m stealing their auction idea. I wonder if my old high school has auctions? Probably not, lol. Anyway, congrats, that’s awesome!

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