My New Signature

My book has my whole name on it. First, middle, and last. But my signature that I normally use only has my first and last name. The reason for the difference is something I’ve already written about.

Either my signature isn’t going to match the name on the book or I need a new signature.

So one day instead of studying I used my iPad to practice different kinds of signatures. I need to decide what kind of signature I should do. Do I want one where you can easily read who signed it or do I just want a bunch of scribbles to call my own. I could also just do initials.

It’s a lot to think about.

Especially considering the first thing I’m going to be signing. I feel like there is a lot of pressure to have the right signature so that this giveaway will be the best it can be.

Below are the signatures I practiced making. I numbered them so you can let me know which ones tickle your fancy. Leave your preference in the comments section or on my Facebook page.

My personal favourite is number 41.

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3 Responses to My New Signature

  1. amanda says:

    I like 15-19. You can’t read it so it makes you seem smart and important like a doctor haha.

  2. I like #30. But I think above all else, it should be something that is physically comfortable to do over and over and over again, and easy to keep consistent. -Alex

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