Where to buy my book

The day is finally here. Catalyst is ready for you to read.

When I first started the journey towards publication my ambition was to just start out with ebooks and then if I made money doing that I would move on to print books. The main reason for that was because most Print On Demand (POD) companies looked too shifty to me. They made their money by selling authors editing packages rather than by selling the authors books.

But then I learned about Booklocker. They are a POD company but they don’t try and make a profit at the expense of the author. They put the book online and then do everything they can to help authors promote their books so more copies will be sold. Booklocker has the same goals as authors do, trying to make a living by selling books. That sounded good to me. Plus then I would be able to hold a copy of Catalyst in my hand. I already got the print galley and I have to say that holding a book that I’ve written is an awesome feeling. I’ve been incredibly cheerful since I got it in the mail.

So you can get my book in print or as an ebook at several different websites.

This is the website where I make more per sale. It would be better for me if you bought my book from this website but I’ll be happy no matter where you buy it as long as you buy it.

This is the best site get print copies of Catalyst.

If you are getting the ebook version of my book you might want to use the site that corresponds with your device so it automatically upload (Apple for iPads and iPhones, Amazon for kindles, Chapters for Kobo, and Barns and Noble for Nook) otherwise you have to figure out how to upload it yourself.

If you already know how to upload it then you can find a PDF copy of Catalyst on Booklocker to download.

Click here to get to my Booklocker site.

You can get print and kindle versions of catalyst here.

Apple doesn’t print books so you can only get ebooks for your apple devices through them. Click here.

Barns and Noble
You can get print and nook versions of Catalyst here.

After You Finish Reading

After you finish reading I would love to hear what you thought of it. You can do that by giving it a rating on the site you bought it from or if you are feeling really ambitious you could even write a review for it. I’ll always be on the lookout for reviews so I can see what people did and didn’t like about the story.

You can also rate and write a review for Catalyst on Goodreads. There is already at least one of there. The one where he says, Catalyst is by far the best self published book I have read.”

I can’t wait to hear from you. Also, I can’t wait for you to read book two of The Ronos Trilogy. Guess I should stop blogging and get back to work.

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