I Love My Audience

Now that my book is out I have experienced something new about writing and publishing and it makes me incredibly happy.

That’s the relationship between the writer and the reader. I love it. I love hearing what people are saying about Catalyst as they read it, the good and the bad.

Mostly this came from my sister Carolyn who was texting me while she read her copy of Catalyst.


This is some of our conversation. It was fun times.

Having that relationship with an author was very interesting to me as a child. One of my favorite authors growing up was Chris Heimerdinger. That guy had an amazing website. I was on that thing every day. Everyday people would ask him questions and he would answer all of them and put the interesting ones online for everyone to read. I learned a lot about publishing and writing from those questions. It was also a fun way to get more info on when the next Tennis Shoes book was coming out. No doubt that was the most popular question.

Unfortunately that site isn’t up anymore but the texting back and forth between me and my sister made me want to have a relationship with my audience like I had with my childhood author.

I love to hear what the readers are saying about Catalyst. Do whatever you can to get a hold of me and give me your opinion or start a conversation. Texting is fun but it’s not responsible of me to give out my cell phone number on the Internet.

If you have any comments on my book or questions you’ve always wanted to ask a published author then you can contact me the following ways.

Facebook: leave me a wall post here.

Twitter: my twitter name is @tylerruddhall

Or you can email me: tyler(dot)rudd(dot)hall(at)gmail(dot)com
I have to write it that way to avoid spam.

I also check goodreads and Amazon periodically so feel free to comment there.

Can’t wait to here from you, hope you liked what you read.

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