The Bourne Legacy (Green)


I still can’t decide whether or not these Bourne movies are guilty pleasures or not. If you think of any thing with a substandard story as a guilty pleasure then this definitely hits the mark (all the Bourne movies do) but they are so amazingly entertaining that even a crotchety story stickler like myself can overlook its flaws and just have a good time at the theater.

The first three movie all had the same plot. Bourne doesn’t remember who he is and spends the whole movie killing people and driving cars fast in an effort to find an answer. All three movies had a climax (kind of) yet the next one always starts out with him hunting someone down to find the truth about who he is.

Except for this movie. Which is weird. I’m so used to Bourne doing his thing that for most of The Bourne Legacy I didn’t know why Aaron Cross was doing what he was doing. My mind defaulted to “he’s trying to find out who he really is” but Cross remembers exactly who is.

Instead of remembering who he is Cross is trying to stay who he is. Before he volunteered for the assassin program he had some brain injury that limited his cognitive abilities. Part of the program was to use pharmaceuticals to make him physically stronger and also mentally smarter. The Cross we see in the movie is a super intelligent spy. When his program gets cancelled and everyone except him is killed he has to find the drugs to keep him smart or he’ll turn back into someone who can’t even take care of himself.

That’s a cool story but it doesn’t even matter. All it does it provide the McGuffin. The biggest flaw of this movie, besides the slow first thirty minutes, is that they missed out on a real Flowers for Algernon story line that would have made this action movie amazing and unique. If the climax would have been him loosing his intelligence while fighting off other assassins then the movie would have exploded with awesomeness.

Instead it never really comes up so we are left with chase scenes and hand to hand combat. Which in any other movie would be terrible but because this is a Bourne movie it’s awesome. The motor bike chase at the end was worthy of a Bourne movie but still did not unseat Supremacy for best chase scene. But it did have a cringe worthy ending that made me immediately want to watch it again.

The acting was fine but no one goes to a Bourne movie for the acting. The only thing I can think to say is that they should have just made Rachel Weisz British for this movie because her accent was a little distracting.

Finally, don’t expect an awesome conclusive ending to this movie. When Moby started playing (I’m so glad they’re still using that song) I was surprised because nothing had really happened yet to warrant the credits to start rolling but they went rolling past anyway.

Don’t go to this movie expecting anything other then some exciting action sequences and you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait for the next Alex Cross Bourne movie.

Please do a Renner/Damon team up!

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