Where Do I Put My Book?

So I now have a physical copy of Catalyst: Book One of the Ronos Trilogy. I’ve already smelled it. I’ve flipped through it I’ve spent days and days just looking at it in my office and smiling at it and now it’s time to put it on the shelf.

But where do I put it?

I’m looking at my shelf now and there is no real order to it. Well there is a little I guess but it has more to do with the weight of the books and how they are positioned than anything else. I’ll explain with a picture.

Leaning Bookcase with a Lego X-Wing on Top

It might look normal at first but look at the right side of the bookcase and compare it to the wall right beside it. There is a lot of leaning going on. When there are no books on it that thing wobbles all over the place. So when I was stocking the shelves after we moved I put the heavy books on the bottom to weigh it down and then I made sure that all the books were leaning to the left so that the bookshelf would be braced against that smaller DVD shelf.

So that’s my system. Now there are a few other patterns. The top shelf has all my Animorph books and Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. That’s mostly because they are around the same size.

On the next shelf down I have Chris Heimerdinger’s Books with Michael Robotham’s books. Again, mostly because they are the same size but this is also an important shelf because they are heavy books and are key to my leaning strategy.

The one under this is just random shelf. It’s a bit smaller so it can only fit those pocket books. There are some Michael Crichton and Orson Scott Card books there and I love and admire both of those authors so putting Catalyst there would be awesome but my book might be too tall for such things.

Under that is a heavy book shelf for big thick books with heavy paper. That’s where the we keep the graphic novels (besides Scott Pilgrim) and other big hard cover books. Catalyst is not hardcover (yet) so putting it here would insure that no one would see it.

Under that is more hardcover books but they are less cool ones. A few Clive Cussler and The Great and The Terrible series (which is also an accurate description for how I feel about the series; starts out awesome ends up hardly readable). I don’t think my book will end up here. It’s too much of bad omen. Even if there is one hardcover Orson Scott Card book here.

The very bottom shelf is just random lame books that are mostly from school so chances are I haven’t even read them. Would it be cool if Catalyst ended up being studied in schools across Canada? Yeah it would. Considering I’m going to school to be a high school English teacher I think teaching kids about my book would be way cool. But that will never happen. Not sure my book is profound enough.

After a lot of thinking I think I’ve reached my decision. Once you see it you’ll wonder how I didn’t instantly come to this conclusion.

Catalyst is the book version of a lego X-WingThat’s right. Catalyst is the book equivalent of a Lego X-Wing.

I wish I would have thought of that sooner so I could have put a better subtitle on the cover.

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