Total Recall (Red)

Total Recall Movie Poster Collin Farrel Jessica Biel Kate Beckinsale(Red) means don’t go see this movie. It’s not worth it. There are no surprises. There are no twists. Every plot line can be seen coming from miles away. It’s a sad movie and will put you to sleep.

I guess I should write more than one paragraph for the review. There is a lot of running in this movie. A lot. Almost the whole movie is running and it’s not cool running like when James Bond is chasing that bomb maker at the beginning of Casino Royal. This is just plain old unimaginative running.

There are a couple breaks for some “Story” to take place. But the story is just another reason to start running again.

There is a bug fight scene at the end between old man Brian Cranston and young hunk Colin Farrell and it’s an even fight. How is that possible? Not to put down Brian Cranston because we all know he is the man and we all secretly want him to beat the crap out of Colin Farrell but it doesn’t look realistic at all.

I’m not even sure why this is called Total Recall. The Recall (or is it Rekall?) part of the story doesn’t make sense and doesn’t take up a lot of the story either. I feel like this started out as a b-movie science fiction script that no one wanted to make to they rewrote a couple sentence and through in some Total Recall references and then were able to sell it to a studio who made it as fast as they could to make a quick buck.

I wish I hadn’t given them my money. Now I’m responsible for reinforcing bad behaviour.

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