Bernie (Yellow)

Bernie Character Movie Poster Danny Buck Matthew McConaughy

I hadn’t planned on watching this movie so the fact that we saw this is a result of having seen every other movie worth seeing already. It was either this or The Avengers. I’ve seen The Avengers twice already and we have already preordered it on blue ray so we’ll see it again in a few short weeks. So we decided to see Bernie, a movie neither of us knew very much about.

I would love to tell you what this movie is about but not a lot happens in it so telling you would ruin the movie. I went into it knowing only one thing about it and it turns out that is one of the only main plot points. That big event happens half way through the movie so the first half of the movie really dragged for me as I thought the big event was near the beginning.

Despite the fact that the movie dragged a bit and felt really long there are a couple reason for you to consider renting this movie when it becomes available for download, or if you live in Lethbridge you can go see it at The Movie Mill for cheap like we did – I wish Edmonton had more cheap theaters.

The best parts of this movie are the performances. In fact one of the reasons the movie drags a bit in the first half is that Jack Black is so good as Bernie that I’m not sure they needed as much exposition as they had.

But as good as Jack Black is he is nothing compared to Matthew McConaughy. That guy made the movie for me. His character and the way he played him stole the show. One of the ways they could have made this movie better would have been to have him be in it more. So funny. His character’s name is Danny Buck. How can you not love a character named Danny Buck.

The format of this movie is very strange and I think that’s to its detriment. It’s not quite a documentary, not quite a mockumentary. There are so many taking heads at the beginning of this movie that are just not interesting. The only purpose they serve is exposition and exposition that is only exposition is boring. Most of the time in this movie the talking heads weren’t needed and the only ones I really liked were Danny Buck’s.

This could have been a much better movie if there were no talking heads.

Bernie isn’t a bad movie but I’m not sure that it’s a good movie either. If you see it on Netflix I think that would be a solid option for inexpensive viewing.

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