Men in Black 3 (Yellow)

The biggest surprise of the summer so far (aside from how disappointing Prometheus was). I was not expecting a good movie out of this but it was perfectly acceptable. A solid video rental (Yellow).

The only thing wrong with this movie is that there isn’t any new life being breathed into the franchise. It’s a lot like the other two when it needed to be something bigger, better, and more funny.

But there are still enough sold scenes for this to be worth it.

This review is a few months late so of course you’ve already heard about how amazing Josh Brolin’s impression of Tommy Lee Jones is. That alone is so amazing it needs to be seen. It’s such a good performance I would not be disappointed if he was nominated for an Oscar (that will never happen but I still wouldn’t be disappointed). I think I read an interview where Will SMith said if Tommy Lee Jones was some one like Abraham Lincoln then Josh Brolin would easily win an oscar for his accurate portrayal of him. But he’s not Abe Lincoln so there will be no Oscar.

Jemaine Clement did a solid job as the bad guy but I feel like they missed out on an opportunity to do a WIll Smith and Flight of the Concords single for the movie. How amazing would that have been? Have your doubts? Here’s a video of Jemaine Clement and his band mate Brent McKenzie.

Mix something like that with Will Smith and that’s a solid single for a movie like Men in Black 3.

For the big climax of the movie I was expecting a huge time paradox that would make the movie seem truly terrible but it wasn’t that bad. There were enough times when I didn’t know what was going to happen next (unlike The Amazing Spider-Man) that I was appropriately entertained.

When this is available to rent I give you the go ahead to enjoy it at home.

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