Brave (Green)

Movie Poster Inspiration


I don’t think there are very many people out there who would say this is the best Pixar movie ever made but there also isn’t anyone saying it’s the worst.

This is a good movie. The people at Pixar are still my story heroes. I would love to tell you my favourite parts of the movie but I think that would give too much away.

One of the great things about this movie is the marketing. Yes it’s a princess movie but Pixar ditches the clichés and uses the conventions. It’s more about changing destiny then being a princess. And that was what the marketing was all about. Destiny. Not a lot of what the actual plot was revealed but if they would have shown any more then they did in the trailers it would have ruined the movie.

All I can say is that after this movie I loved my mom and bears more than I did before.

So what is it that makes this movie not quite as awesome as most of the other Pixar movies? It’s the climax. This movie lacked the awesomness of a Pixar climax. Like mike and sully chasing through the doors in Monster Inc. or the toys almost being burned in Toy Story 3 or the epic fight scene in The Incredibles or the air battle in Up or when Nemo gets caught in the net in Finding Nemo. Brave didn’t have that one last bit of story to blow our minds and make us smile.

Don’t get me wrong. The ending was just fine. But Pixar is better than just fine.

This movie is still worth seeing. I loved it. So far this year the only movie better than it is The Avengers.

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