I Spy Crock Pots

Some of my favourite books when I was a kid were those I Spy books. The ones where there was a picture of a bunch of random stuff and they give you a list of  things to look for in the picture. I wanted to do that for my blog.

The other day was a very special day for Maddy and I. We finally got rid of all of our Crock Pots. There were seven Crock Pots. It took a while for us to find a home for all of them.  We studied all of them and kept the best one. I think three of them had receipts so we could return them. The rest we had to give away.

Your quest is to see how many of the crock pots you can find in this picture. I think I can see six of them but if you see all seven then you are the grand champion.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

A group of wedding gifts mostly comprised of Crock Pots

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