Prometheus (Red)


I didn’t want this movie to be (Red) but it is. When the credits first started rolling and I discussed with those around me about whether it was a good movie or not I told myself that I was going to give it a (Yellow) rating. But the more I thought about the movie the worse it got. There were too many scenes that didn’t pay off and too many plot lines that were started and never properly finished.

If you want to enjoy this movie go see it and never ask why anything is happening. Don’t wonder why one character would poison another character (they never say why) don’t wonder why the first two people died (served no purpose) or why one of them came back only to die again (still no impact on the story). Don’t ask why about the motivations of any of the characters in this movie because you will not find the answers.

There are attempts at subtext and adding depth to characters but it only skims the surface of who they are and you are never really sure what anyone is referring to when they talk about their troubled pasts.

But maybe that’s not why you are going to see this movie. Maybe you just want action and monsters. That’s fair. It’s a science fiction movie and the trailer promises as much.

There are monsters. But after a little tension at the beginning of the movie while the humans are exploring there is nothing left to latch onto. The monsters are weird looking and not in a cool way. Remember in Alien how well defined the alien monster was. They had acid blood, chest bursters, and face huggers. That movie set up rules for the alien and showed you how impossible it was going to be to kill that beast.

Prometheus has none of that. It’s just a couple random monsters that do a couple moves that look cool at first until you see that they go nowhere so the next time the monsters appear you don’t even care.

Now on to the action. Blink and you miss it. Most of the action is in the trailer so don’t expect too much out of this movie.

Also, see that poster I put at the top of the page. That’s the climax of the movie. Nothing more or less then what is captured in the picture. That’s it. There are no questions answered and no definitive ending is given. Just a cool(ish) explosion.

Oh wait! There was one ground breaking movie moment in Prometheus that made me want to stand up and cheer.

You know in movies how people run away from something tall that is falling by running in a straight line. In Prometheus, one character uses her brain (for the first time in the movie) and instead of running in a straight line she just rolls to the side and avoids it entirely. Why doesn’t everyone do this instead of out running whatever is falling? I have no idea. It’s not more dramatic. It just makes characters look stupid.

So there you have it. Don’t see this movie. It’s very disappointing. Instead just go see The Avengers. Again.

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2 Responses to Prometheus (Red)

  1. You are awesome. Ten thousand words in a day? Your fingers must be black with soot deposits. You indicated comparing yourself to the writing goals of others, two books a year. I hesitate to caution you, but I must. There is a risk in comparing your output to that of others. Listen to your own inner guide, do what is best for you and follow your bliss. I’ll shutup now. Feather

  2. I saw it this weekend and will be posting my review tomorrow. But I was disappointed for many of the same reasons. I felt there were a lot of gaping holes in plot and character development. Still an amazing looking film though.

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