Writing Goals

Last Year
Last year my goals were to write a first draft for all three Ronos books. Then I decided to enter the Three Day Novel Writing contest so I ended up with four first drafts. One of them very short.

I wish I could do that every year. The funnest and easiest part of writing is just sitting at the computer and pounding out 5k to 10k a day.  Those are the times when I feel like a real writer and that I actually accomplish something.  Unfortunately, if I only do that then nothing will ever get published.  This year I needed new goals.

New Territory
Taking a novel beyond the first draft was something I had never done before so I had no idea how long it would take to give it to my test audience, rewrite it, find an editor, and then get it published. All I could do was guess.

If I don’t set writing goals then nothing will get done so I set my goals last January. Publish two books, rewrite two books, and write two more first drafts.

Now that the year is almost half over I can set more realistic goals. I have more knowledge about how long it takes to get a book published. There is little to no chance that two books are getting published this year. I’ve cut my goals in half. One book published, one rewritten, and one first draft. That is way more doable for me.

If I can manage that then it will become a pattern for the rest of my life and all you lovely people can expect to read something awesome from me once a year.

Those goals made me feel good about myself until I read an article online about how authors who only write one book a year aren’t doing enough anymore.  There are people who now think the bare minimum is at least a novel and a novella.

When I heard that I immediately thought about the very short novel I wrote last year for the Three Day Novel contest. It’s 30k so it falls into the realm of novella. I will be seriously thinking about handing it out to my test audience sometime near September and maybe get it out at the end of the year. But I won’t let it interfere with my current goals right now.

This Summer
This summer what I really need to work on is a new first draft. Too bad I also have to work a lot to save up a wad of cash (don’t ask what for. I don’t feel like saying yet on the internet until it is final). I won’t be able to just sit all day and write but I should still be able to get at least 1k words a day. That should be a good chunk of a first draft by the end of August.

After that I can polish Ronos 2 (you’ll love it. Trust me) and size up the possibility of a novella.

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