Searching for X in Ronos Part 1: Catalyst and a list of the first twenty or so results.

I have nothing for X.

I’ll probably think of something clever two days after this is posted but right now I have nothing.  The best I can do is drop some not very interesting facts about the letter X and how it relates to Ronos Part 1: Catalyst.

X is used 350 times in Catalyst.  Most of the time it’s used for the word explosion which happens 89 times.  Not to say that there are 89 explosions in the book, I’m Tyler Rudd Hall not Michael Bay (Alien ninja turtles? Come on!), I just used the word 89 times.

Something exciting must happen on page 16 because I use the word explosion six times. Don’t worry. It’s not too much longer until you can read Catalyst.

There are no words in Catalyst that start with X. 91,000 words and none of them start with X. Once I realized that I immediately wanted to change the name of the Mac Narrad to Xander Xavier. I looked that name up. I don’t even know how to pronounce it. What sound does an X make? Is it always ex? I don’t think so. How would I know. I’m a writer not a reader. Right?

Let me know in the comments if you approve of the name change.

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3 Responses to X

  1. Teresa C. says:

    Well there you go, you do have a post about X and great job.


  2. Neither did I. So I made X about X. Original, I know. 😉

    Pleased to meet another writer!

    A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

  3. djtsmith says:

    X is a z sound so it would be Zander . No don’t change the name, just put a xylophone in one of the explosions!

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