The War From Earth’s Perspective

Sick Brain
I’m writing this on the tail end of a sickness that has left me unable to do any real amount of writing fora about a week. I really want to tell you about the war that is going on as The Ronos Trilogy starts but there are so many spoilers related to the war that my sick brain can hardly deal with it.

I can’t even remember what I’ve revealed so far on this blog, so I’ll try to give you something new while not spoiling anything for you.

Hopefully I’ve at least told you there is a war going on. I’ve told you that right?

The War
The war is between the humans on Earth and their numerous colonies against an invading alien race.

No one on Earth knows anything about the aliens. Not what they call themselves, not where they come from, not even how many there are.

All they know is that on the fringe of explored space the General of Earth’s military (a pivotal character who will be spoken of more at the end of the month) is sending soldiers to fight and none of them are coming back.

And there is no information exchange between the front line of the war and rest of humanity. This lack of information leads people who are not directly involved in the fighting to not really care that the war is going on.

There are even people who think the war isn’t real.

Mac Enlists
Mac enlists to try and find his abducted childhood friend. Because the war takes place only on the outskirts of explored space he needs to be positioned there if he’s ever going to find her.

Unfortunately not everyone gets sent to the front and no matter what Mac can’t get there.

Why would the military not take everyone they could get?

Weren’t they trying to win a war?

Is it because Mac is a Luddite or is there something else going on?

Is the war even real?

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One Response to The War From Earth’s Perspective

  1. I like your post, it’s fun and interesting. X was a pain but with Y I’m at a lost. I might follow your lead and write a similar post tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

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