Secret V Word

I have a secret V word.

No, it’s not this one.

Something that I really like to do is put little bits of myself my books. Sometimes I’ll tell you what they are like I did with my Terwillegar post. Also, two of my protagonist are named Mac and Lynn; two of the communities in Edmonton that I lived in were Lynnwood and McEwan (I also lived for too long in Terwillegar, but that’s another story).

But when it comes to my secret V word. I will not tell you. It can be shortened. It can be lengthened. Sometimes I’ll spell it wrong. Sometimes I will use it to name a character and sometimes I’ll use it as a brand name for some random product, secret V word duck tape or something. However I use it, the secret V word will make a brief appearance in every story that I publish.

I would have you guess what it is but the book isn’t out yet so you’ll have to wait until later this summer.

*Note to self: flood my books with V words so that no one figures out my secret V word. Or come up with a prize for the first person who figures it out. Stay tuned.

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