I’m no good at coming up with names of things that don’t exist. People are the worst but right up there is coming up with the name of ships.

The Ronos Trilogy is a science fiction trilogy. There are a lot of ships in it so I needed a ton of ships names. I didn’t want to just sit there twiddling my thumbs while I thought of something cool.

So I did what Gene Roddenberry did. I looked at a map. He called them Vulcans because he saw Vulcan Alberta on a map. I need a bunch of ship names so I looked at a map of Edmonton.  Now every ship in the trilogy is named after a community in Edmonton.

I tried to pick the most interesting ones, like Terwillegar, and avoid ones like Lewis Estates.

If you noticed in the table of contents, Terwillegar is the name of chapter 14.  The captain of the Terwillegar has some connections to Ryder family. It’s also the ship that takes Mac Narrad to Ronos.

As far as the story goes, the Terwillegar is an important ship.

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7 Responses to Terwillegar

  1. A Common Sea says:

    Sounds like a good plan for naming things! I love to name characters, but when it came time to name my children (other than the oldest–her name was chosen years before she was born), I agonized for months. At one point, I owned 14 different baby name books. I’m down to just 4 now that I use when I need a character name. 😀


  2. Julie Daines says:

    Good idea. I use maps all the time for names, especially for my pets! But I hadn’t though about that for names of ships. Terwilleger is a great name. Hi from the A to Z challenge.

  3. i name things all the time. you should ask me. of course most of my names are silly so you maybe shouldnt ask me. unless youre starting a silly fleet, then by all means, i’m the capt.

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