Raymond Tysons

The First but Not the Main
Here is the first antagonist that we have come across.

The first antagonistic thing Raymond does is beat the tar out of Mac. His hate for Mac is there right form the beginning and only intensifies as the story progresses.

Raymond is the thorn in everyones side. Sometimes it seems like he does things just to be difficult.

Of course because of this kind of one dimensional characteristic of just hating Mac, Raymond is not the main bad guy of the trilogy. He just helps add more problems for Mac to deal with while he tries to find his family.

There are way more complicated sources of antagonism in the trilogy. Raymond is just the one that starts with ‘R.’

What else can I tell you about Raymond?

He hates Luddites. Which is why he hates Mac because Mac was raised as a Luddite.

Raymond will do whatever he wants to accomplish his goals. Even if it’s not technically legal or moral.

By the end of the book you’ll probably dislike him but at the same time be excited when he enters the scene because you know he brings conflict with him.

He spent some time on the front line of the war but after an incident, that I will not spoil here, he was sent back to Earth. What happened to him only increased his discrimination and resolve to accomplish his goals.

He gets what’s coming to him but not in the way that you think.

Just because he is named Raymond doesn’t mean I have anything against the Town of Raymond Alberta (although you guys could stop…no never mind; I don’t want to alienate some of my potential audience)

He makes his first appearance in Chapter 3: Front Line Interrogation Tactics.

As a Writer
Raymond was one of my favorite characters to write. Mostly because it was so easy. When ever I need more antagonism in a scene it would end up “and then Raymond showed up and started being a douche to everyone.”

I’m paraphrasing of course.
But it made life easier to have an uncomplicated character there to make life difficult for Mac. The harder life is for the protagonist the better the story.

Raymond may not be a super complicated character but his actions and Mac and Lynn’s reactions to him have consequences that last until the very last chapter of the trilogy.

So I guess he’s integral to the story.

Even if all he does is cause trouble.

Is it a bad thing that I love to write about bad guys?

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One Response to Raymond Tysons

  1. Ruby Young says:

    Hi, I agree with you; if it weren’t for the baddies, there would be no story. No fun, either. There are guys (and gals) that we just love to hate. Apparently Raymond is one of them. Delicious post. Nice to meetcha! Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

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